SugaShoo was founded with a rebellious spirit : to reinvent the traditional Moroccan “Babouche” slipper by marrying its original comfort and relaxed feel with modern aesthetics.



The SugaShoo concept was born as a result of one of its founders’ personal experience. Born and raised in Morocco and a frequent visitor to Europe, he was asked time and time and again to bring back from his trips home a supply of Moroccan “Babouches” as his European friends craved the comfort and relaxed feel that the classic Moroccan slipper came to be known for.


This is how, over a couple of drinks, two close friends were brought into the idea of introducing the modern Moroccan Babouche.


SugaShoo seeks to provide the same comfort and relaxed feel of its traditional ancestor while embracing modern aesthetics. Our Millennium model itself fits with today’s trends and is more modern, innovative with impeccable finishes, while keeping the uniqueness of its traditional forebearer.

3 Collections, 38 Models, all created in the same desire and spirit of diversity.

We venture to create for you a collection riche in colours, textures and materials able to fit everyone from a Urban Style to a Trendy Classic style.